Passionate about technology and language learning.

Today our lives won't always make room for learning a language; instead, learning a language needs to be easy and flexible to accommodate our lives. We're changing the way how people think about their personal way of learning and we're using modern technology to make that happen. From our office in Hamburg, Germany, we're building new apps and services to help people who are interested in language learning and intercultural exchange to find each other and having a great time.


Engineering (Apps) / Operations / Co-founder

Developing Quazzel is exiting and rewarding for me since it involves two of my main interests: technology and languages.I am passionate about learning new languages and getting to know new cultures. As a developer I enjoy connecting people and creating an educational platform that creates real value. I am currently improving my spanish skills so we might meet on Quazzel :)


Engineering (Web) / Operations / Co-founder

Since I started to develop Quazzel my days are filled with new opportinities to challange myself and I really enjoy to be creative and to learn something new. There are so many things to learn and discover that go into setting up a business, I am always facinated by the pieces of knowledge that I learn every day just to push my idea ahead. It doesn't feel like work it's actually having fun in what I am doing. I love the idea that I am solving a problem others have and that Quazzel is creating opportunities for people to boost their language skills and to connect with other people around the world.