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Free Face To Face Language Learning

We Connect Language Learners

We use a high quality video chat to connect you with language learners around the world. They will teach you their native language and learning yours in return. Talking face to face will boost your progress while you having the most joyful learning time ever.

It's All About YOU

Quazzel puts motivation and control of the learning progress you want to see in yourself in your hands. Want to take it fast, serious, or just want to get things started? We support you on your first learning steps and challange you when you've hit a plateau. Let's get things started...

We Are A Growing Community

Welcome To Our Latest Members

cascabelito, 1992
from Norway
Teach Spanish
Learn Norwegian (Bokmål)
I am a new member of QUAZZEL.
Mu Shao
Mu Shao, 1981
from Taiwan
Teach Chinese
Learn German
I am a new member of QUAZZEL.
Reg Sayson
Reg Sayson, 1990
from Philippines
Teach Tagalog
Learn English
I am a new member of QUAZZEL.
kiseu8, 1987
from United States
Teach English
Learn Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek
I am a new member of QUAZZEL.
America, 1994
from Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Teach Arabic
Learn English
I am a new member of QUAZZEL.

What People Say About Quazzel

I tried Quazzel and am amazed at how good the video quality is. You can see and hear people from all parts of the globe and its as if they sat right next to you on the couch. -Daniel, United States
Quazzel is just fun. I get to know a lot of interesting people all over the world and on top I can improve my english :) - Miri, Germany
I teach italian on Quazzel and learn Spanish. They say you learn a language only by speaking it and I totally agree. - Valentina, Italy
I love to travel and Quazzel is a perfect way to brush up my spanish. The best thing is - I can use it anywhere. - Rose, Alaska
I am a tech guy myself so I am careful about my data. The integrated videochat and the anonymous way Quazzel deals with your data convinced me to teach people some French on Quazzel! - Cyril, France
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We all want to develop ourself but struggle to find the right time or the right place for learning.

If you got 20 minutes, you've got time for a Quazzel session. We're always on your schedule.

Stay connected with your computer or smartphone and get your language practice wherever you are and whenever you like.

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